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Climate (in)action by UK governments

by Anne MacLennan The IPCC warns that global emissions will have to reduce over 40% by 2030 (compared to 2019 levels) and at least 60% by 2035 for a good chance of keeping within the 1.5°C limit. But fossil fuel emissions hit a record high last year. In the UK, the...

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1.7 Billion pieces of plastic   These are the findings from The Big Plastic Count this year, organised by Greenpeace. "An incredible 224,381 citizen scientists from 77,783 households took part, including almost 29,000 school pupils. Here’s what...

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The Big Plastic Count : starts 11 March for one week

Help gather data on how much plastic packaging we throw away in one week in March. Chris Packham says: "In 2022, I joined a quarter of a million people around the UK and counted my plastic waste for a week. Together, we exposed what really happens to our plastic, and...

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UK biodiversity in trouble

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth Biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate across the world and the UK is not doing well. The State of Nature report compiled by over 50 organisations uses nearly 50 years of data to see how and why...

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Nature under threat in the UK

Environmental charities are mobilising their millions of members to take on the UK government over proposals that weaken environmental and wildlife protections in the push for growth, thereby threatening nature and worsening climate change. The RSPB, the National...

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New fossil fuel development in UK – just say no

The International Energy Agency, UN International Panel on Climate Change and many other agencies and organisations are clear that there must be no new fossil fuel development if we are to have a fighting chance of reducing carbon emissions to achieve the ‘safe’ level...

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