SCA News: Climate emergency

Your Place Highland Survey

New Scottish Government regulations ask that planners and communities look together at what we need for successful places – places which are healthy, pleasant, connected, distinctive, sustainable and adaptable. Highland Council is using the Place Standard Tool to...

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Climate (in)action by UK governments

by Anne MacLennan The IPCC warns that global emissions will have to reduce over 40% by 2030 (compared to 2019 levels) and at least 60% by 2035 for a good chance of keeping within the 1.5°C limit. But fossil fuel emissions hit a record high last year. In the UK, the...

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A tax on climate injustice

by Anne MacLennan ‘Climate change is a war. A category five hurricane releases energy equivalent to 10,000 times the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Those countries on the path of hurricanes and cyclones and submerging coasts are on the front line.’ The...

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Plastic recycling is a big con

by Anne MacLennan There is a crisis of plastic pollution, affecting oceans and waterways, soil, air and wildlife. Microplastics are also now a part of the human diet. The Center for Climate Integrity blames the petrochemical and plastics industries as it details an...

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