New health food van starting in south Skye

A new health food van will open in the car park at the Hebridean Inn at Harrapool, from the week commencing 8th August. The focus will be primarily on nutrition and food that people can trust to be healthy and good for them.  We hope to start a conversation about the...

Highland Good Food Partnership newsletter

The Highland Good Food Partnership brings people together to create a local food system that is better for the planet, better for people and better for producers, and is fair to all.  Their website has a great range of information materials and podcasts with people...
Guide to community composting in Highland Region

Guide to community composting in Highland Region

A new website, the Highland Community Composting Resource, has been created for communities in the Highlands that are interested in starting or further developing community composting projects. There is a step-by-step Decision-Making Guide to help you get going or to develop your composting project, as well as links to help, information on legal requirements, and much more. 

Scotland circular economy bill proposals published

The long awaited proposals for a Scottish circular economy bill were published on 30th May. Environmental campaigners have welcomed the move and are calling for strong targets to reduce the global extraction of resources supplying the Scottish economy, and measures to change the way materials are used in Scotland.