SCA News: Isle of Skye

Help identify local biodiversity priorities

Broadford & Strath Community Company are carrying out a Biodiversity Audit and Biodiversity Action Plan. They want to find out what you feel are the current threats to species and habitats and how we, as a community and individuals, can act on them. They also want...

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Climate Change – The Plastic Age

Gail McGregor is an artist who, after moving to Skye 8 years ago, was horrified by the amount of marine debris she found on her local beach. She decided it was imperative to use the found rubbish to create a sculpture: Climate Change - The Plastic Age. The sculpture...

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Marine animal entanglement

Marine animal entanglement in plastic fishing gear and marine debris is a growing threat to whales and dolphins around the world, driving some species to the brink of extinction. In Scottish waters, Skye-based Ellie MacLennan (co-ordinator of the Scottish Entanglement...

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