About SCA

Skye Climate Action (SCA) is a citizens group that formed in September 2019 following a Big Climate Conversation in Portree, which was attended by about 60 people. We now have over 180 supporters from communities across Skye bringing a wide range of expertise to our network, including construction, tourism, transport, health, education, art, architecture, forestry, horticulture and ecology.


We want to see a future Skye where:

  • The island no longer contributes to harmful activities and practices that are accelerating the climate crisis (Climate Mitigation).
  • Communities have the means and are empowered to be resilient and adaptable to the effects and challenges of climatic breakdown (Climate Resilience).


We are working together for a climate-friendly Skye by reducing Skye’s carbon footprint and preparing for the changes that are happening to our climate.


    • Promote climate awareness

    We use a variety of channels to share information and promote climate awareness across the island. Utilising both digital and non-digital means of engagement these include the Skye Climate Action website and newsletter, podcasts, articles in West Highland Free Press, social media networks, meetings and personal conversations.We provide information about the climate crisis, and also encourage discussion, creativity and problem solving within our communities. 

    • Map and promote good practice

    We recognise that there are many excellent projects and initiatives happening across the island. We aim to map and promote these, learning from existing good practice and creating opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

    • Support projects and activities that promote climate awareness, mitigation and resilience

    We aim to support and seed projects and activities that promote climate awareness, mitigation and resilience. Through collaborative discussions we identify key priorities and urgencies on the island for action.

    • Advocacy

    We aim to continue advocating our priorities and concerns with a variety of parties. These include local businesses and organisations, sector bodies and government, including Highland Council, Scottish Government and Westminster.


      Skye Climate Action has a coordinator and website/newsletter editor, assisted by an informal group of network members. We welcome people to come forward and volunteer for different roles (short-term and long-term) to help keep the network functioning.