Apr 2, 2023 | Climate emergency, Emissions

Carbon Neutral Island Raasay completes community climate action plan

graphic of outline of Raasay on pale green and blue globeby Tom Lusink

The Carbon Neutral Islands (CNI) project is a Scottish government programme aimed at supporting six islands to become carbon neutral by 2040. The islands are Raasay, Barra, Great Cumbrae, Hoy, Islay and Yell.

Raasay has just completed the final draft of our Community Climate Action Plan. This is a starting point to begin working on actions that the community has highlighted as the most important. Within the plan are the key findings of the various carbon audits and household survey, a prioritised list of actions generated by the community and the next steps we will be following. It will be available to share soon.

Last week, Raasay hosted the CNI project meeting with all the islands, the organisations involved and the Scottish Government’s Island Team. We are happy to say the project has funding for the next year. Going forward from the survey and audits, we will begin to take actionable steps to making Raasay more sustainable.

Raasay’s Together Festival marking the completion of our Community Action Plan has been and gone. We had a generous turnout and feel like the day was a success; people are already asking about next year!



Happening soon