UK Government net zero aviation strategy – continued passenger growth but with biofuels and new technology!

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The UK government is consulting on its approach and principles to reach net zero aviation by 2050.  Essentially the solutions proposed are based around bio-fuels and new technologies, with little emphasis given on reducing demand for air travel – which is assumed to continue to expand by 3% per year.

The Government’s own Climate Change Committee recommends managing passenger numbers to allow only slow growth of about 0.7% per year from 2018 to 2050. In the UK,  70% of flights are made by a wealthy 15% of the population, with 57% not flying abroad at all.

For some views on the UK Government’s aviation proposals, see recent letters to The Guardian here and here

To respond to the UK Government proposals, see the consultation here.  You don’t have to reply to every section.  The consultation ends on 8th September.