#Together4Forests campaign

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Climate change, raging forest fires, and sprawling agriculture are wiping out our planet’s forests, savannahs and other precious ecosystems. The EU is responsible for 10% of the world’s deforestation, through its consumption of commodities like beef, soy for animal feed, palm oil and other products from deforested areas.
    On 22nd October 2020 the EU Parliament voted for the European Commission to draft a new EU law requiring companies to show that their supply chains do not contribute to the destruction of forests or other ecosystems, or human rights abuses, if they want to place products on the EU market.
    WWF and over 100 NGOs have launched the #Together4Forests campaign calling on the European Commission to ensure this is a strong law.  Sign the petition here. This will automatically add you to #Together4Forests consultation response. Or you can respond directly to the EU’s consultation here.