Jun 4, 2023 | Food & farming

Raasay walled garden to host our next food conversation

Raasay is hosting our latest Let’s talk about food meeting

10.25 am Ferry from Sconser
• Tour of the Walled Garden, followed by lunch using local produce
• Open discussion focussed on local solutions
• 2 pm finish
2.30 pm Ferry back to Sconser – or stay on to continue conversations in smaller groups, or do your own thing.

The food system includes everything from production, through transport and packaging, purchase and preparation, to waste minimisation and composting. It impacts on health, environment, pollution, climate, food access and affordability, the local economy and community resilience.

The Raasay event follows several ‘Food Conversations’ held by a small group of people concerned about local sustainable and affordable food production with particular interests in health, climate and environment, waste management and reducing food poverty.

So – if your interests are in home or commercial growing, crofting, retail, hospitality, environment, health, food poverty, climate action, plastic pollution, supporting local producers, involving children  – or just in eating good food – you are welcome to join in.

More info from anne@skyeclimateaction.org



Happening soon