Sep 1, 2022 | Climate emergency, Government

Highland Council seeking views on funding priorities. Deadline: 9th September

Highland Council are seeking people’s views on funding priorities “to help inform decisions about awarding funding at local level.” There is a questionnaire and you can put forward ideas. DEADLINE: 9th September. While this is an opportunity to flag up areas where Highland Council funding could contribute to more sustainable outcomes, it is not clear how many people this survey will reach and how funding decisions will be ultimately be made or integrated across our area.

We wonder what has happened to Highland Council’s “Skye and Raasay Future“, published in August last year and developed through engagement with a wide range of stakeholders over a six month period. It is billed as “a shared statement of the values, ambition and priorities for partners to work together to improve outcomes for everyone across the area. It outlines how current and future actions and investments can help to address these priorities and is intended to act as an investment portfolio, creating a credible and robust case for seeking future funding.” Climate Action and Resilience is a key priority of Skye and Raasay Future.

Click on the following links for summaries of each of the Highland Areas, which enable you to see how different factors impact on Skye and Raasay and Lochalsh compared with Highland region overall.



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