Jun 27, 2021 | Climate emergency

What are your priorities for Skye and Raasay’s future?

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How do you wish Skye and Raasay to develop over the next 10 years – and what don’t you want to see happen? The Skye and Raasay Investment Plan*** aims to achieve the outcomes of Sustainable Tourism, a Diverse and Green Economy, good Digital and Transport Infrastructure, and Strengthening Communities.

We are pleased to be meeting with the Skye and Raasay Investment Plan Committee to discuss the plan. Join us on 13th July to hear about the current plans and ambitions, put your questions, make suggestions, affirm the decisions made or express your cautions.

It is vital that Scotland, including Skye and Raasay, has a Just Transition to a net zero society by 2045, and that our recovery from the pandemic is ‘Just’ and ‘Green’. Contributing to the Investment Plan is therefore an opportunity for you to influence these major adjustments to current ‘norms’ as they exist right here in our community.

There is a very short survey online in which you can comment on the plan’s priorities. It’s an opportunity for you to reinforce the message about what needs to change for a sustainable, climate-friendly future.You can access the survey at https://www.highland.gov.uk/skyeraasay Click on “Comment on the investment plan”.

The same page contains a link to the report of the first public meeting in January, which contains a lot of interesting views and suggestions.

***The Skye and Raasay Investment Plan is being developed under the leadership of The Highland Council (THC), and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), building towards outcomes established in 2020: Sustainable Tourism, a  Diverse and Green Economy, good Digital and Transport Infrastructure, and Strengthening Communities. These outcomes considered “poverty reduction, supporting community participation and dialogue, community safety, resilience and mental health and wellbeing as motivators to address inequality for the people of the islands.”  The Investment Plan aims to “establish a collaborative approach for public sector agencies, businesses, the 3rd sector and the wider community to work together to prioritise and coordinate investment opportunities in the area.” The Plan has held two workshops this year, in January and in June.



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