Waste Not Wednesdays are a hit with local residents

woman in red jumper infront of blue boxes of books with a green metal shed in background

by Becky and Paul Smith

We held three Waste Not Wednesday (WNW) events in May in our fabulous new recycled water tank sheds. This meant that more items could be put out for display INSIDE so we were still able to hold events regardless of the weather.  Also, it meant less time setting up tables and unpacking boxes and bags at the beginning of the event and putting everything away again at the end of the day.  So, we hope even more people will come along to future events – even if it’s raining!

Our WNW events on 11th, 18th and 25th May were busy days. One family were waiting patiently for us to open up before 10 am – they were so keen to donate their unwanted, pre-loved stuff…..and have a good rummage to see if there was anything they fancied taking away with them. And they did! It was good to see and speak to a range of people who were all in agreement about not wanting to simply send their ‘waste’ to landfill when others may need or want it before. And there have been some amazing items taken already this year. Someone had literally just dropped in two creaky garden chairs when another visitor spotted them and said they would be perfect for their garden. Another lady picked up an empty glasses case and exclaimed “That’s just what I am looking for to save my glasses from getting crushed.” Someone else asked us if we had the pan that went with a clear lid they had found.  After we told her “No sorry, it’s just the lid that was handed in,” she grinned “Great! It’s only the lid I need – my one just broke and I had to throw it out.”  Our motto is “One person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

We have had quite a lot of clothes donated – some still with labels attached – from folk revamping their wardrobes and also a good selection of books and DVDs. There are plenty of kitchen items ranging from oven mitts and baking trays to plates/mugs/bowls and glasses. Lots of interesting Bric-a-Brac as well as bedding and curtains. WNW is every Wednesday in June (see dates below). Come along and see what is on offer.

Here are a few comments from visitors to Waste Not Wednesday events in May;

‘We came along to see what you were about with the Waste Not. We were interested in your brilliant shed, and your brilliant idea. Well done for the work in putting this together. We will definitely be back with some stuff to add to your project. I did take away a string of green seed beads, which I can use in my craft work.’
Christine and Gavin

‘I was there with a friend dropping some things off. I really enjoyed having a browse while I was there too, so thank you. I think it’s great what you are doing and a real need for it. I’ve been gathering more things together to donate’.


‘Waste Not Wednesday has been a great help for us, especially as we have just bought our first house.  It is great having somewhere so local to donate unwanted items which we know would be useful for someone else, as well as picking up a few essentials ourselves. They are doing a great job in making this all happen and keeping it so accessible!’

Andrew and Kirstie

‘Becky and Paul’s Waste Not Wednesday events are inspiring to say the least. The set up they have on their croft is fantastic and they really have something there for everyone. I went along and donated some clothes, thinking I didn’t need anything but I managed to find the perfect size pots for my chilli plants! I was delighted I didn’t have to order online! Another person’s trash really is someone else’s treasure and if swap/repair shops, like Becky and Paul’s, help save on so much waste going to landfill then it can only be a good thing!’ 
Fiona Gallie, Community Waste Officer



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