Mar 10, 2021 | Plastic

Where does your supermarket rank in the latest plastics league table?

groceries at checkout

Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year, and plastic pollution is now the biggest killer of marine life. Supermarkets are playing a major part in this tragedy, but they can also be a major part of the solution.

They’ve been talking the talk when it comes to reducing plastic – making pledges and commitments – but more importantly, have they been walking the walk?

For the third time Greenpeace has teamed up with the Environmental Investigation Agency  to dig deeper into what supermarkets are really doing to cut plastic. View the updated league table here.

Key findings

  • Overall, supermarkets still aren’t doing enough to reduce plastic. In 2019 UK supermarkets produced 896,853 tonnes of plastic packaging. This is a slight decrease from 2018 (less than 2%), but it’s way off the progress that our planet really needs, and is certainly nothing to shout about.
  • Aldi climbed from last place to second. They reduced their overall plastic footprint, removed single-use plastic carrier bags and committed to halve their plastic footprint by 2025.
  • Morrison’s slipped down to ninth place as their plastic use increased. A significant rise in plastic bags and water bottles is a particular area for concern.
  • Waitrose have remained top of the league table for the second year in a row. They reported a big reduction in plastic use (in relation to their size), showed good engagement with brands and suppliers and have committed to increasing reusable packaging and unpacked ranges

Sign Greenpeace’s petition for supermarkets to ditch single-use plastic packaging here.