May 1, 2021 | Plastic

Skye Community Litter Project expands across the island

quadbike on beach with map picking litter

Skye Community Litter Project has grown in its first month to have over 100 members across the island. There are now around 50 chosen “adopted” sites where volunteers commit to regularly check and clear the area of litter.

Anyone living on or regularly visiting the island is welcome to join and check out the maps to pick a bit to adopt. Volunteers can choose a layby, stretch of road verge, path or other spot to clear of litter at least a couple of times a year – it can be as small or large as you like. All volunteers will be able to get some kit such as a litter picker, gloves, bags and a hi-vis vest as soon as full stocks are available. The Facebook group has also been able to link up volunteers with crofters with empty feed bags so these get re-used for rubbish rather than new bags.

See the maps below for which areas of Skye have been adopted, and which still need caring for:

Anyone who would like to be a volunteer adopter can join the Facebook group,  or email