Let’s get back to re-usables – World Refill Day 16th June

Did you know that 20 companies produce 55% of the world’s plastic waste?

The COVID19 pandemic was a great opportunity for the plastics industry to try to convince us that single-use disposable plastic is the safest option, creating confusion and leading to many businesses banning reusables.

But over 125 health experts from eighteen countries have released a public statement to reassure  businesses and consumers that reusable containers do not increase the chance of virus transmission and are safe to use, providing basic hygiene is in place.  It’s pretty simple. Follow “basic hygiene” steps, spray household disinfectant on hard surfaces. For dishes and cutlery, use a dishwasher. And of course, wash your hands and keep them off your face.

Find out more on the City to Sea website, including guidance and support for businesses to help them return to refill.

World Refill Day on 16th June calls on businesses, brands and governments to help make single-use plastic a thing of the past.  Visit the website to see how you can choose to refuse, find places to refill and tell businesses to act.