Incineration of waste in Scotland – independent review published

The independent review of the role of waste incineration in Scotland has now reported and concluded that there is more than enough incinerator capacity in the pipeline and recommends that no new incinerators should be built, unless balanced by an equal or greater closure of capacity. By 2027, we will have more incineration capacity than there will be waste available to burn. See this article for more information.

Skye Climate Action and several of the network members are concerned about the lack of local facilities for managing food waste, and the current system of trucking it off the island, along with other household and business waste – currently to landfill but possibly in future to the proposed waste-to-energy incinerator at Longman, Inverness. Indiscriminate waste incineration undermines the circular economy by diverting waste away from reuse and recycling in order to ensure a continuous supply of fuel for the incinerator. As the circular economy develops the role of incineration in dealing with unavoidable, unrecyclable residual waste should shrink.

We hope that this waste incineration review will prompt new thinking about how Government can support community or municipal composting in rural areas such as ours, to conserve and use locally the vital nutrients in food waste, rather than bury or burn them.



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