Call for volunteers to monitor impact of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

grey machine with large chute for receiving bottles and yellow and red instruction text

An example of a reverse vending machine in Germany

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

The UK’s first deposit return scheme will go live across Scotland on 16 August 2023. When you buy a drink in a single-use container you will pay a 20p deposit, which you get back when you return your empty bottle or can. The scheme applies to containers made of PET plastic, glass, steel or aluminium, sized between 50ml and 3 litres. The image shows a deposit machine in France.

The Association for Protection of Rural Scotland is calling for volunteers to help monitor the impact of the Deposit Return Scheme, in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society. They are looking for volunteers to gather litter data before and after the launch of the scheme, especially people who can clean their usual areas – town, village, city, park, river, office grounds, school grounds, street, countryside path – once a month, for one hour from now until the end of 2024. For more information contact Joanna, Education and Public Engagement Manager on  Ad hoc litter collectors are also welcome to pass on experiences, comments and images on the deposit return scheme and the litter collected.



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