Aug 3, 2020 | Food & farming

Grow Skye! Dùisg an talamh

summer vegetables in a basket

At our last group meeting, members discussed food growing and resilience on Skye and how it could work in their communities. A lot of food growing and sharing is happening across the island, from individual gardens to commercial operations. It was agreed to build on this to inspire and encourage more people to get involved in growing their own food.

So under our new project Grow Skye! Dùisg an talamh  we’ll be producing an online map showing where all the gardeners and growers are on Skye, and posting stories and photographs of growing and gardening on our website. More activities will happen during the next twelve months.

We invite all the gardeners and growers out there, from small to large, to make their mark on the map. Click here to send in your information – your contact details will only be shown if you want them to be. Please pass on the link to others so we can all be inspired by the amazing number and variety of food growing activities on Skye.

We also invite all our members to send in pictures of the food they are growing – whether a recycled fishbox or a croft, all images are welcome. Send us an email with up to four images attached, with short captions if you would like, and the location. If possible send the original full size images, not downsized by your email software.  We’ll post them on the Food page on our website, which will be up soon.

Our next zoom meeting on 10th August will present the initial activities with an opportunity for members to comment and adapt the activities to their own areas.



Happening soon