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by Anne MacLennan

Skye Climate Action’s Steering Group held an encouraging meeting with local MP, Ian Blackford in response to the Climate Coalition’s ‘Virtual Lobby for a healthy, green and fair recovery’. The Coalition of over 100 groups is inviting thousands of people across the country to meet their MPs online on 30th June. The aim is to talk about how the UK’s recovery from Coronavirus can, and must, help to tackle climate change and nature’s decline, creating jobs and protecting the most vulnerable in the UK and around the world.

We organised a Zoom meeting in which we introduced Skye Climate Action followed by questions to Ian about the challenges of both COVID-19 and Climate Change. We emphasised that we must not go back to the previous ‘normal’. Ian considered what a climate-positive recovery would look like on Skye and further afield. He had some interesting and thoughtful suggestions on a more resilient Skye, including the belief that we can grow more of our own food here. Tourist hot spots should be managed in a different way to avoid over-exposure. Fuel poverty has to be addressed. Ian was also concerned about local and global justice, mentioning poorly paid carers – ‘the people keeping us safe’ – and third world human rights. Intergenerational justice was also touched on.

Ian was well informed and answered our questions with understanding and insight. We anticipate an on-going interaction, working together to develop a fair and green recovery, locally, nationally and internationally.